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We’ve seen a lot of change in the field of acoustics over the last 40+ years

and also been its instigator—most notably when we launched the world’s first networked sound masking, paging and music system, the LogiSon Acoustic Network.

But one fact remains: it’s a challenging subject for many organizations.

What methods are effective? How to support both focus and collaboration? What to do with an existing space? It’s also easy to prioritize other goals and lose sight of what really matters to workplace occupants.

But by planning for speech privacy and noise control, employees won’t only be happier about coming to work, they’ll be less stressed and more productive  

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Fueled by growing emphasis on the impact of indoor environmental factors, we decided to share our knowledge about what it takes to achieve effective acoustics.

Though masking is the least understood solution and merits more attention, we go beyond ‘Sound Masking 101.’ Our hope is for readers to come away feeling the topic is less mysterious—and inspired by the many spaces that sound as good as they look.

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